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Our platform technology combines artificial intelligence  with genetic engineering to create DNA-biosensors. This is the next generation of diagnostics that enable accurate and rapid health tracking anywhere by anyone.

A data-driven approach to diagnostics.

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Big Data
To create next-generation  diagnostics, we start by extracting  metagenomics and proteomics data from biological systems 
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Artificial Intelligence 
We efficiently navigate big data using AI. This allows us to predict interactions between biomarkers and DNA-biosensors that will result in the best performing diagnostics
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Genetic Engineering 
The use of genetic engineering enables to shape the properties of our DNA-biosensors. We use microbes as cell factories to produce our rapid and accurate diagnostics at scale, in a cost-efficient manner

This versatile and scalable technology allows for seamless integration of next-generation diagnostics to our mido test card.


Are you looking to build a novel diagnostic for an specific biomarker?

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