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mido health-optimization system is a pocket-sized health assistant that instantly informs you of your current health status and helps you maintain or improve it. mido also allows for seamless health data management and is powered by computer vision and AI to provide you with personalized recommendations.

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The mido test-card tracks 10 different biomarkers that change depending on your nutrition, immunity, hydration, kidney or liver health status.

The computer vision and AI algorithms analyze your test instantly and provide you with easy to follow  actionable items that help you optimize your health over time!

The mido-system learns from you: the more you use mido the more insightful the information it provides you.

How it works.


Perform an instant, easy, non-invasive at-home urine test.


Scan the card using your phone and the mido app. This triggers the computer vision and AI software to analyze your test results.


Get instant results of your current health status & insights on how to maintain or optimize it, and track your progress.

mido serves as a rapid, easy, and cost-effective alarm to prevent serious health conditions from arising.