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Next generation diagnostics.

At MiProbes we develop diagnostics that allow instant at-home health tracking and optimization. We believe that prevention of diseases of lifestyle is only possible if we arm ourselves with data on our body's current health-state.

mido: a health tracking and optimization system for all.

The mido-system consists of a mido test card and the mido app.  

The mido test card measures biomarkers in your urine that are indicative of your current health-status. The mido app is powered by computer-vision and AI that instantly analyze your results, providing you with actionable insights that are aimed at optimizing your health status. 

Designing the next-generation diagnostics and the microbes that manufacture them.

We are developing the next generation of diagnostics, built to be used everywhere, by everyone and for any indication. We combine genetic engineering, artificial intelligence and biology, to design high-performing diagnostics  and cost-effective manufacturing. Our next-generation-tests outperform state of the art technologies in accuracy, speed and cost.

Instant test

3 mins from sample to results

Data Driven

From design to  manufacturing


At a fraction of lab tests

Hardware-free Testing

Designed to be used by anyone anywhere 


Inexpensive rapid manufacturing

Digital Results

Instant tracking of results from your phone

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